Hack your CV

A midnight conversation with Huiqing at TELHack furthered my understanding of the way that hack events are being used by employers to hire the brightest and best. I’d already learned at Hack Train, another Hack Partners’ event, that companies look for good hack experience on CVs these days. Huiqing, a veteran of AMEE Hacks and now on TELHack was saying that at a recent job interview they highlighted her interest in and passion for being involved in healthcare education hacks and that this had been one of the factors in securing her the job. So pleased were the firm about her participation in our event that they paid her travel expenses. Congratulations Huiqing – result!

Huiqing was saying that even in the world of IT recruitment though there is still a lack of knowledge about hacks and recommends using and explaining the experience in applying and interviewing for jobs. Her new firm were keen to send more of their devs to TELHack but it was too late in the day and all the places had gone. Next year!

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