Royal College of Nursing’s Education Forum International Conference and Exhibition 2017

Three of us from the Technology Enhanced Learning Programme were lucky enough to be able to attend the RCN conference, in Cardiff.

This is a particularly important time in nursing as their standards are currently being reviewed.  The current pre-registration standards for nursing were published in 2010 and since then there has been an  unprecedented change in healthcare. Essential then to develop new standards that are outcome focused and fit for the future.

It was extremely helpful to hear from Professor Dame Jill Macleod Clark, Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Health Sciences in the University of Southampton, who is leading on this work. She is working closely with a group of thought leaders, representing nurses from across the four fields of practice and the four countries.

Victoria Winlow, from e-Learning for Healthcare, was presenting a poster on the learning developed around end-of-life care and took the opportunity to direct all those interested to these free resources here.


Richard and I took the opportunity to network with colleagues from across nursing education, particularly talking about our work in digital literacy.  We’ve been working closely with the RCN and, in advance of our full launch of our digital literacy definition and domains, we were really pleased to be in a workshop with Ross Scrivener, from the RCN, as he discussed their ‘Every Nurse an e-Nurse’ workstream.  In his presentation, Ross referred to our work and was able to show our digital literacy diagram that explains the domains that sit under our definition; a definition that we hope will be used across the health and social care landscape.


Digital literacies are those capabilities that fit someone for living, learning, working, participating and thriving in a digital society.



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