Workshopping digital capabilities with HEE staff


Work continues with engaging health and care staff with the HEE digital capabilities framework.  The framework describes the digital literacy domain capabilities (see the domains below) at different levels.  We’re working on ways of making the complex framework accessible and useful to everyone – ways in which people can begin to assess their own levels of digital literacy.

The digital literacy team continue to hold workshops with different groups of health and care staff to test ways of working with the framework.  We ran a workshop with nursing and midwifery colleagues last month. The latest workshop was with HEE colleagues as part of the regularly run Learning Byte sessions.  These are learning sessions in the lunch period that people can choose to attend.

At Blenheim House in Leeds, we presented people with simplified statements that relate to the framework and which describe different capabilities.  We wanted to test whether the statements made sense, whether they related to people’s real life experience and what the tolerance was in terms of numbers of statements to go through.  We know that too few statements provide insufficient data to be able to provide a useful assessment of someone’s level of digital literacy whilst too many clearly is off putting and may deter people from completing the task.

Many thanks to everyone who gave up their lunch time to work with us on this.

If you are interested in helping us with our digital literacy work, please get in touch by emailing or follow us on Twitter: @HEE_TEL