Digital Literacy Education and Training Resources

Helping staff within the health and care workforce develop the digital literacy capabilities needed to provide the very best care for those we care for is a key part of our work.

With a workforce of over 2 million and levels of digital capability spanning a vast range, there’s a lot of work to be done in meeting the specific developmental needs of individuals, teams, departments and organisations.  Our digital literacy work has seen us engaging, and continuing to engage, with health and care staff from around the country.  We know there is an urgent need for excellent resources that will help staff in their digital development.

We’ve mapped existing resources that are out there and available to individuals, line managers, organisations to our own digital capabilities framework.  This has not only helped us identify what is already available but has also started to help identifying the gaps.  In this way we can focus our work, avoid repetition and provide the best value in developing or commissioning additional resources.

If you are looking for a wide range of resources that can help you in developing your own skills or you are looking for education and training tools to support your staff, head straight for the appendices of our report for lists and links.

We hope you’ll read the report too as it provides a fuller analysis of what the current provision is and which capabilities are best and least served by that provision.

If you are using or know of additional resources that you can’t find in our list, please get in touch by emailing or via Twitter: @HEE_TEL

Our digital capabilities domains are show below and the educational and training resources in our linked report here are mapped to these domains.